September 16, 2016

Custom Dark Havana Set for a size M Dog

This is a set made for a size M dog (an Alpenlaendische Dachsbracke) using dark havana leather and stainless steel hardware.

This is the padded collar, 1" 3/8 wide in its widest part and mounting a 1" stainless steel buckle with roller. It features a caramel leather padding and measures approx. 15" at its center hole.

This is the rolled tag holder, same stainless steel buckle but half size (1/2"):
The leash is a rolled leather one, it measures 1 m and uses a 1/2" stainless steel scissors snap:
Last but not least, this is the lunge line with braided end, made in full length leather (approx. 220 cm), featuring the same scissors snap of the rolled leash:

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