January 28, 2013

Lead rein with stainless steel chain

Here's a in-hand lead rein, made in black Sedgwick leather, 3/4" wide and full length. It comes with a 20"stainless steel chain & snap. Here's a version with handle.

January 24, 2013

A special bitless - 2

A brand-new improved version of this one, this time in dark havana / stainless steel combination.

I changed the chin strap, bringing stitchings that join this strap to reins on the outside of the main rings: this allows a better & faster action when reins are pulled.

I also removed the halter ring from chin strap.
And, quite rare, I didn't forget to put my maker stamp on the headpiece:

January 22, 2013

Padded dog collar with low profile padding

A new collar in hazel/caramel combination, this time with a low profile padding, more suitable for slender and light-built dogs... or when the owner desires the benefits of padding but an overall narrower collar.

It's made out from a 3/4" (19 mm) strip, stainless steel buckle and a long D (now the standard solution on dog collars). A more detailed picture:
And this is the rein-style lunge line that completes the set (220 cm long):

January 15, 2013

Training leash variant + padded slip collar

As stated in the subject line:

This one requires an additional snap lock hook, for connecting the small ring trapped into handle to the dee sewn halfway between handle and scissor snap and to the other one, next to the hook billet.

Obtainable lengths are 240 cm, 180 cm and 130 cm.

The padded slip collar:

It's lightweight and its measure is suitable for medium size dogs. It features a neoprene low profile padding lined with caramel leather.

All made with 5/8" Sedgwick hazel leather, with stainless steel fittings.

January 8, 2013

So, this is the new year...

..and this is my first post for 2013.
A new country belt, with some improvements. 1st of all, the brass buckle is fitted with a stainless steel tongue. Much better than the original, considering that this "emergency belt" could be used in critic situations.

More info about the design on the original post about it (will translate it soon, promised!).