April 15, 2011

Rolled leather

A few shot I took during the making of this tubular rein.

The strip is only creased, to provide a stitching line on both sides. Due to the nature of this work, burnishing and coloring would be useless at this point. Here's the stitching phase:

I soaked leather into the water before stitching. Small core cord is not glued.

After the stitching, I proceed with usual finish, starting with beveling.

But before that I used sand paper on the edge, for making both sides even.

At this point I soaked again leather in water for a few seconds, applied a layer of saddle soap and passed through the rein-rounder.

After the rounding phase, edge is almost done: alcool dye and acrylic finish and le voilĂ !

April 11, 2011

Tubular leather rein

My latest effort (a real one this time):
It's a single rein made in dark havana leather, with hook billets. I used thin linen thread for billets and strong poly braid for the tubular part.
Tech specs: 3.5 m total length, tubular part is 1 cm thick and it's 3.25 m long, billets are regular 5/8" wide ones. It took nearly 20 meters of thread to get the tubular stitching done.

Soon I'll publish some "making of" pics too...

April 2, 2011

A new braided rope browband

Italian leather (one of the last bits of my first leather butt), purple and black cord,  size cob.

Padded collar

Made with hazel bridle leather, 3/4" wide, neoprene padding lined with caramel panel leather, stainless steel fittings. Suitable for medium size dogs, adjustable from 13" to 17".
Made for an american friend to match this equestrian leash: