March 29, 2013

Quick-change split reins with balanced end

A pair of new split reins in hazel leather with stainless steel dees. They measure 7' 1/2  x 5/8" (230 cm x 16 mm) and last 17" are balanced by stitching a series of small leads between the leather.

A detail of quick-change billets:

Cotton lunge line

Lunge line made in 5/8" x 4 m cotton rope. The rope was originally white, I dyed it with a simple, organic and durable method, then I stitched the leather tails at both ends.

March 23, 2013

Postcard from Finland

A friend from Finland sent me this nice summer picture, showing his mare wearing one of my bitless bridles complete with laced reins (this and these).

Warm, bright summer day... good omen for the spring to come!

March 21, 2013

Two dog collars

So you won't think I'm idle, belly scratching or sleeping...

First one is The Big Classic:
Hazel leather, caramel padding, brass oval buckle. It measures 3/4" x 15" 3/8 at middle hole.

Other one is a re-edition of the smallest rolled collar I've made until now:
Australian nut leather, brass fittings, 1/2" wide at the buckle.