September 29, 2016

Quick Change Reins with Weighted ends

Western Quick Change reins with weighted ends made using conker leather and stainless steel D. They measure approx 7.5 ft (full legth of a leather back) and are 5/8" wide.

Last 12 inches of each rein contain small lead weigth to improve the transmission of rider's requests to the horse.

September 26, 2016

Leather Jewels - 1" 1/2 Bracelet

Here is a new leather bracelet, same design as the previous one but this made made in black leather and 1" 1/2 wide instead of 1". Same fastening made using a stainless steel Chicago screw.

More news soon...

September 22, 2016

Dog Leash in leather and Beta Biothane

Here is another leash made in black leather and blue Beta Biothane; 150 cm long, 5/8" wide, it mounts a stainless steel scissor snap.

Here's a close up of the Beta Biothane:

September 19, 2016

Leather Jewels - 1" Bracelet

This is a Leather Bracelet made with london tan leather; glossy finish, stainless steel Chicago Screw, it's 1" wide and measures 8"1/2 when closed.
Detail of the Chicago Screw:

A couple of pics of how it looks on my wrist:

September 16, 2016

Custom Dark Havana Set for a size M Dog

This is a set made for a size M dog (an Alpenlaendische Dachsbracke) using dark havana leather and stainless steel hardware.

This is the padded collar, 1" 3/8 wide in its widest part and mounting a 1" stainless steel buckle with roller. It features a caramel leather padding and measures approx. 15" at its center hole.

This is the rolled tag holder, same stainless steel buckle but half size (1/2"):
The leash is a rolled leather one, it measures 1 m and uses a 1/2" stainless steel scissors snap:
Last but not least, this is the lunge line with braided end, made in full length leather (approx. 220 cm), featuring the same scissors snap of the rolled leash:

September 12, 2016

Padded collar, dark havana on dark havana

This is a padded collar suitable for size S dogs. It measures approx. 11" when closed at its center hole and features a 3/4" stainless steel oval buckle.

September 9, 2016

Solid Brass Chain Leash with Rolled Leather Handle

This is a chain leash suitable for size S and M dogs. 1 m long, solid brass closed ring chain, rolled leather handle in black.

September 5, 2016

Custom bridle, in black leather

This is a custom cob size bridle, made in black leather with west end stainless steel buckles, complete with matching reins.

The browband is padded with black leather and shows green leather accents around its border and features buckle billet both on the bridle and the reins.

September 1, 2016

Dog leash in Leather and Biothane Beta

This is a 4 ft long and 5/8" wide dog leash made in green Biothane Beta with leather handle (hazel color) and solid brass snap hook.

Biothane is a strong and lightweight synthetic material that can look very good when used with leather, as it can be sewn exactly like leather. It's available in different finishes, widths and colors and it's perfect for long leashes, travel leashes or simply to add some color to a classic model like this one.