March 23, 2015

A dog set made in hazel leather

This is a set composed by collar and training leash made in hazel leather. The collar has caramel padding and red accent and mounts a 3/4" oval stainless steel buckle, while leash (5/8" wide) measures approx 6.5 ft from end to end.

March 13, 2015

Chain leash with rolled leather handle

This is a solid brass chain leash with rolled leather handle made for a guy in Singapore.

It's suitable for size S-M dogs (the chain is Walsall made and features welded rings), but the chain is also available for bigger dogs. Solid brass only.

This matching size S rolled collar completes the set:

March 6, 2015

Bridle with Crank Noseband

Here's a bridle (Cob size) made in dark havana leather padded in white, with stainless steel fittings. It features a Crank (or swedish) noseband, padded and raised noseband and browband.

Browband detail:

The Crank noseband is 4.5 cm tall and mounts two stainless steel rollers at its ends.

It comes complete with matching reins, covered with Equus rubbers.