July 18, 2017

Mens braided leather belt

Mens braided leather belt custom made in black leather

Mens braided leather belt custom made in black leather with 32 mm stainless steel buckle. 
Detail of the 5 thongs braided leather mens belt

This 5 thongs flat braid is great for leather belts: it makes the belt more flexible and stretchy, improving its wearabilty and adding comfort.

The stainless steel buckle is nickel-free, so it can be worn also by people allergic to nickel.

I can make this leather belt in 8 different colors: black, dark havana, burgundy, conker, hazel, London tan, red and blue. I will ship it within one week from order confirmation. You can find more information about purchasing options following this link.

July 6, 2017

Dog leash in red leather

Custom dog leash in red leather 150 cm long suitable for medium and large size dogs
Dog leash made in red leather, suitable for medium and large size dogs. It measures 150 cm and it's 16 mm wide (5/8"). It mounts a sturdy stainless steel snap-hook and a ring trapped in the handle.

This is a detail of the snap-hook end:

Dog leash snap-hook end detail, red leather and stainless steel

Sturdy stainless steel snap hook for custom made dog leashes

8 leather colors available: black*, dark havana*, burgundy, conker*, hazel*, London tan*, red and blue.

Also, several models of snap-hooks can be mounted: I have several models both in stainless steel and solid brass.

I can make this dog leash in lengths from 90 cm to 150 cm (for the colors with the * maximum length is 180 cm). 

This leash can be done with leather 12, 16 and 19 mm wide, for small up to big size dogs.
Please check this link for more information about purchasing this dog leash, prices and shipping time.