October 31, 2012

A special bitless

A new bitless bridle, based on measures and design provided by my customer.

It's made in australian nut leather, with a padding on the crownpiece and plain leather reins directly stitched to the rings. And yes, rings are stainless steel ones. 

A detail of the "bitless mechanism":
A closer view of the padded headpiece:

October 29, 2012

New rope bosals

A red/black one in full size and a green/black suitable for cobs, both with stainless steel rings.

October 22, 2012

A bracelet (pipe-dream)

I've lost so much time on this one last springtime... reason why I first decided to not publish it. Then I had a request for this black/brass variant, so I changed my mind.

A few tech specs and a pic:
In my head, this is an unisex leather bracelet with a conway buckle. It's made from a 1/2" shoulder leather strap, this is how original version (black/stainless steel) looks on my wrist. Running loops on this item are the finest I've ever made... but I'm happy to see they still keep their original shape even after several months of daily use.

Training leash

One of my "classics", the adjustable training leash, here in conker/brass version. 

3 obtainable legths: 
- 70" (180 cm);
- 55" (140 cm);
- 43" (110 cm).

October 16, 2012

Sheath for a machete

Here's my latest creation, a sheath for a small machete. I made it without the machete, I used a few pics and measurements provided by the customer. I used this "straight" customer pic for the shape, then I deformed it a little to fit the measurements:
It's made from 2 mm black shoulder leather except for the fastening strap, made for regular 4 mm bridle leather.

I hate button-fastening for many reasons... so I decided for this more original one. It can be both opened or closed using two fingers. Here's a self-explaining fastening sequence:

The leather lace is used to add further security, during long movements or such: simply wrap it around the machete's handle and tie a knot.