March 20, 2017

Padded Collar for Small Size Dogs and Matching Adjustable Training Leash

Padded collar in dark havana leather made for a small size dog, made on measure and hand stitched

This is a padded collar in dark havana leather with oval solid brass buckle, made for a Small size dog (Small Pinscher, Jack Russell and other small Terriers, Poodles, etc.). It features 7 adjustment holes instead of standard 5 holes I put in this type of collars, as it's intended for a puppy, so the dog can grow up and the collar will always fit. It's 3/4" wide and the padded part is almost the same width. Entirely handmade and hand stitched as usual.
Padded collar with solid brass oval buckle made on measure in dark havana leather and hand stitched suitable for a small size puppy

This is the matching training leash, 6.5 ft long with lightweight solid brass snap-hooks.
Adjustable training leash 6.5 feet long with solid brass snap-hooks made in dark brown leather and hand stitched

March 13, 2017

Dog collar and leash in London tan leather

Dog padded collar for beagle made in light brown leather with solid brass oval buckle

This is a set made for a Beagle composed by a 3/4" padded leather collar and its matching 5/8" rein leash with padded handle loop. Lonton tan leather with conker padding and solid brass hardware.

Leather rein leash with padded handle loop made in light brown leather with solid brass snap-hook

March 6, 2017

6-rings Leather Bracelet

Custom made 6-rings Leather Bracelet in black and red leather with stainless steel Chicago screw

Here is a wide leather bracelet made with 6 segments of black and red rounded leather. It's 1" 1/2 wide and closes on the wrist with a stainless steel Chicago screw. Each segment is indipendent, and the red one is the demonstration of that. Fixed length makes this one expressely custom made.
Back side of the custom made 6-rings Leather Bracelet in black and red leather with stainless steel Chicago screw

February 28, 2017

Collar and leash for Jack Russell terrrier

Leather collar with brass diamond studs made on measure for a Jack Russell terrier

This is a size S custom collar made for a Jack Russell terrier using London tan leather with soft caramel padding, with 16 mm half moon brass buckle and 15 diamond shaped brass studs.
Padded leather collar with brass half moon buckle and studs made for a Jack Russell Terrier

In the picture below there is the matching adjustable training leash, made using the same London tan leather cut 12 mm wide and solid brass light snap-hooks:
Adjustable training leash handmade using london tan bridle leather suitable for size small and medium dogs

February 20, 2017

Saddle seat for a Piaggio Vespa scooter

Handstitched custom leather saddle seat for Vespa scooter

This is a saddle seat for a 1978 Piaggio Vespa Primavera 125. The original cover of this saddle (the exact model is Giuliani Yankee) was made in white leatherette, but my friend Luca wanted a black leather one, more suitable for his gunmetal Vespa.
Handstitched custom leather saddle seat for Piaggio Vespa scooter

After removing the original saddle cover from its frame I unstitched the parts that composed it and made cardboard models out of them. Then, I used the models to cut the new parts from sturdy black bovine leather 1.6 mm thick and started assembling them together. 
Handstitched custom black leather saddle seat for vintage Piaggio Vespa

Everything have been hand stitched with black linen thread, and every stitching line is in fact two parallel lines: one "inside", made on the flesh side of leather, and one outside, 4 mm away from the first line, to reinforce it and to keep in the correct place the leather abundances below. The seat part has been lined with closed cell neoprene, to keep as much as possible the rain away from the foam rubber below.
Handstitched custom leather saddle seat for Piaggio Vespa scooter

I will post more pictures of the making process in the next weeks.

February 13, 2017

One inch soft leather bracelet

Custom made bracelet made in black leather with stainless steel fastening entirely hand made and hand stitched

This is a new leather jewel I have made in the past weeks: one inch wide, soft saddle seat leather on the outside and firmer vegetable tanned leather on the inside, in order to keep it in shape. It's custom made as it uses a stainless steel Chicago screw as fastening method and it's entirely handmade as every other item posted here.
Custom made bracelet one inch wide made in black leather with stainless steel fastening, entirely hand made and hand stitched

February 7, 2017

Black leather belt for man

Black leather belt for man with stainless steel buckle made to measure.

This is a belt for man made in black leather mounting a 1" 1/4 wide stainless steel buckle with roller, entirely handmade as every other item I post here and made to measure for a friend who developed a nickel allergy in his forties.

Some details of the buckle and the oblique cut of the leather at the buckle end:
Belt made in black leather with stainless steel, nickel-free, buckle

Black leather belt for man with hypoallergenic stainless steel buckle, handmade and made to measure

January 30, 2017

Fringed collar for a Bloodhound

Size L custom leather collar made for a Bloodhound. I have made it using conker leather: the mains strap is 3/4" wide and the fringed lining (made using thinner leather) measures 2" 3/8. It mounts a 3/4" stainless steel buckle with roller but doesn't feature any dee, as it's goinf to be used with a lunge line with a swivel at its end put directly on the main strap.

January 23, 2017

Adjustable choker lunge line

This is a choker lunge line made in black leather with a stainless steel buckle and ring, approximately 2 m long. 

The request was for an adjustable choker, with a metal stop on tightening and a leather stop on loosening: my solution is a simple slider made by a buckle and a loop stitched together for tightening and a rein stop -like leather slider for loosening. 

January 16, 2017

Making a Leather Shopper

Here are the pictures of making process of the leather shopper (or leather tote bag) I have posted few days ago, entirely handmade and hand stitched as usual.

I started with the two main faces, cutting the four leather rectangles and the strap for the blue fillets, then I splitted that strap to 1/4 of its original thickness, glued and folded in half to form the fillet.

Once the fillets are ready, I backstitched the fillet to the first of the leather rectangles using thin nylon thread. This is made just to keep in place the two pieces.
Next step is adding the second leather rectangle with saddle stitch, made with two needles and my usual brown linen thread. 
This is how it looks once it's done. Back side:
...and front side:
Now it's time for the bottom of the bag. I begin with cutting the veg tanned leather pieces that will reinforce the bottom and permit to collapse the bag when it's empty, without leaving unaesthetical wrinkles on the front and side faces.
Here are the same pieces after edge creasing and finishing.
Next step is cutting the leather bottom, where I will stitch the backing pieces I just finished: 
Stitching time. Of course I won't sew along the outer perimeter, as that will be made for joining the sides to the bottom.
Back to the main faces: I cut the lining (first 5" around the mouth the bag is lined in the same leather I use for the outside) and stitch it to form a nice rim: the end it will look this:
With blue leather I made the tubular handles and the fastening strap: 
I have placed two backing pieces of leather on the inside (under the lining) for each handle:
Stitching time again, now with blue synthetic thread:
Ok, handles are sewn to the main faces:
Now it's the turn for the tubular fastening strap and its counterpart with the brass Sam Browne stud:
Here you can see the fastening strap ready to be stitched on the leather lining:
Once all the stitchings are done, I proceed with glueing the lining and cutting the two missing sides:
Of course, I have made stitched edges also on these last two parts:
The parts are ready, I begin joining them together, starting with the four bag walls:

This is the result: 
This is a detail of how the mouth of the bag looks like:
Last step is stitching the walls to the reinforced bottom; front side view:
And a view from the back: 
The bag is done. I applied some leather wax before shooting the final pics you can see in this post.