December 22, 2011

A horse collar

A request from a lady. Sedgwick australian nut leather with dark havana loops, solid brass conway buckle.

Lady's brown stirrup leathers

As said in title: "lady"'s size, Sedgwick stirrup leather, stainless steel buckles stitched in place with 1 mm polypropilene braided thread.

December 20, 2011

A peculiar leather work

A really custom bridle, made in australian nut Sedgwick leather, for an american girl.
It features same color paddings on crownpiece and on sliding loop.
More or less full size, even if cut on measures provided by the girl. Anyway, water loops could provide some adjustment as they have 6 regulation holes on each side.

Another kind of regulation is made through the sliding loop: lifting or lower it will change bridle wearability.

Braided leash

A leash made with australian nut Sedgwick leather, with a solid brass trigger hook, 1 m total length. The trigger hook is held in position by the braid.

December 1, 2011

A bridle with braided browband

Here's my guy posing with a simple black bridle without noseband, with white and purple rope, braided browband, and stainless steel buckles. Size full.
Here's the upper part of this bridle:
It will be used along with these gallop reins: bit billets will be same size as reins, 22 mm or 7/8". Throatlatch and browband are slightly wider too to join better with wide billets.

A detail of buckle's part: