July 30, 2012

Reins with snaps and leather loops

As stated above: a nice pair of black leather reins with stainless steel snaps and sewn-on leather loops for improving grip. Suitable for Full size horses, 5/8" wide.

July 27, 2012

Braided lead rein

Finally black leather is here, this is what I've done yesterday:

Tech specs: black Sedgwick leather (15 meters) braided in a 2.5 meters lead rein, big bronze trigger hook. 30 meters of edges, burnished, colored, sealed...

Same round braid usually found on synthetic lead reins: it can be made coupling two colors, or using both flesh and grain to create a shiny-opaque pattern.

Here's a detail:

July 23, 2012

Loop end reins

While I'm waiting for black leather from the UK (they're taking longer than expected this time), I've done these simple but very effective reins. Dark havana leather, stainless steel buckle in the middle.
For me these are the real "ultimate" reins. Why?
- strongest design, ever. The weak point in every tack piece is usually represented by buckles: here there's a single buckle, placed in the exact place where they should break in case of problems, in the middle.
- cheapest design, ever. No rubber grips, no stainless steel snaps, no "standard" bit billets like hook or buckle ones (the most laborious part on reins)... but they're anyway provided of grip points.
- handiest design, ever. Easy to clean, 100% made in sturdy leather (no rubbers), lightweight, easy to open, no metal parts against bit rings.
They have definitely more "pros" than "cons", Oh yes, they cannot be used with a running martingale because they lack of rein stops... but I'm pretty sure it won't be so difficult to find a solution for that.
Really an "honest" pair of reins, further confirmation of "less is more" precept.

Stirrup iron belt

Here's another belt, specifically made for equestrian use but great for everyday use too.
It's only 3/4" wide, so it can be used along with riding trousers and their tight belt loops.
Stirrup iron shaped solid brass buckle, dark havana leather.

July 16, 2012

Black bitless with red accents

What I did last weekend:
Black leather, black & red rope browband, padded noseband, with red kip leather as lining and red stitching.
Its size is Cob, but I added a couple of holes in addition to my "standard" 7 holes (customer request, as all the red accents stuff is).

A detail of the browband area:
And now the noseband:
This is the first bridle I sign with my brand new maker stamp:

July 9, 2012

Bridle-halter with mosquero, arab horse size

 A smaller version of this one, same colors and stainless steel hardware. But not the same hardware: I still haven't found stainless steel halter squares smaller than 3/4", so I used spiked rings in place of those, the same ones used in drop nosebands. They work great in this case.
 This one has not been made starting from exact measures, so I had to grant more adjustability in order to avoid fitting issues. To obtain this, I made conway bit billets: they can be adjusted at least at 4 different lengths. Adding these to 7 holes on each side for noseband cheeks and 7 holes on noseband girth, I think it will be suitable for any horse between big ponies and small cobs, including arab horses. Here's a shot in "halter mode":
 Also in this one, browband has a buckle for opening it and has a leather mosquero stitched between leather and padding. The model for these pics is Quick, a senior member of our pony school:

July 5, 2012

Cotton rope reins

5/8" cotton rope, approx. 9 ft long, 1" wide leather parts, stainless steel trigger hooks.

Why cotton? Because it won't burn hands as much as synthetic rope does!