June 27, 2011

Dog leather lunge line

A very practical and simple item: a 1/2" wide australian nut leather strip cut as long as Sedgwick back is, 2.4 m in this case

No creasing on edges, which are kept almost raw cut: lightly burnished, colored and sealed, in order to keep price low.

Another basic leash...

Dark havana version of this one. 3/4" wide, 1 m long, solid brass trigger hook snap.

June 20, 2011

Bitless bridle - 3

A more simple version of the bitless bridle: noseband cheekpieces are directly stitched to noseband.
Padded browband and noseband, black leather with same color paddings, stainless steel fittings, cob size.

June 10, 2011

Racing reins

Reins made for an american girl into racing.
Some specs: 7/8" wide, 58" long, buckle bit billets, 24" Equus rubber grips and black Sedgwick leather.
As their final use, I moved rubber toward bit billets more than usual equestrian reins. For the same reason they're also wider than common reins.

June 7, 2011

Rescue plan for an expensive breastplate

What you can do when you buy a Passier's Auriga breastplate but find out it's too small for your horse?

Simple! You can contact me and ask for 2 straps like these one.

Nothing esoteric, 4 loos and a buckle... but always better than baling twine!

Basic leash - 2

Similar to the first one, but tougher: this is made from a 3/4" strip. Same leather, same length (1 m), same finish and ultra-strong stainless steel trigger hook snap. Made for a male dobermann, previous one was for a female dobie (same owner).