February 24, 2014

Sam Browne belt

Sam Browne's officiers belt made in burgundy leather with solid brass fittings.

Belt is 2" 1/4 wide, shoulder strap measures 1" 1/4 at the shoulder and 3/4" at the buckle.

February 17, 2014

Lined collars & matching rein leashes

A double set made of lined collars and matching rein-style leashes.

Collar are made in conker/dark havana leather combination with stainless steel half-buckle. Sized M and measure 3/4" x 15" 3/4 at middle hole.

Leashes are made in same conker leather with stainless steel hook snaps. 5/8" x 39" 3/8 (1 m).

February 10, 2014

Bridle-Halter made in hazel leather

New bridle-halter, cob size, hazel leather with caramel paddings on browband and noseband, stainless steel fittings. More or less same model as this one, but without mosquero this time.

Left, right, up, down:

A special thank to Martina and Pise.