April 30, 2012

Rolled collar - Solid brass option

As title says, this is the brass version of this one. Same black Sedgwick bridle leather. It measures 17" 1/2 at its central hole, making it suitable for medium sized dogs.

April 23, 2012


Had been my first thought as I got it done: it really looks like the cartoons' "spiked collar".

It has a story too: I've made it for a friend's doggie who lost his own a couple of weeks ago, probably after a bad encounter with some animal "lover". I really hope he'll encounter someone that "loves" him that much very soon... For the new collar my friend asked for spikes, so I used spikes: had these laying in a drawer, never used them before.

Tech specs: 5/8" wide Sedgwick bridle leather, stainless steel fittings, chromed brass spikes, 5 adjustment holes.

Accurate group testing made during the weekend demonstrated that every human female who has seen it has the compulsory need to try it around her neck.. and it fitted nice too! Now it's me having the compulsory need to stitch some human accesory...

Australia - 2

Here are the pics of two leashes made for matching last week's collar. It's not really noticeable by pics, I know, but one of these have black handle and dark havana body, while the other one it's its reciprocal: after rein-rounding and oiling it, dark havana darkened even more, but it's still quite noticeable under sun light.

Tech specs: black and dark havana leather, 3/4" stainless steel hook snaps, 1 m total length.

April 16, 2012


And I don't mean the mediocre Baz Luhrmann movie (actually my personal opinion on most movies with mrs. Kidman acting as main character).

I've made these for an ausstralian girl owner of two doggies, brother and sister. Two rounded ones are made in black leather, padded ones are in dark havana with black paddings, all of them have stainless steel fittings.

Matching leashes will follow soon...

April 10, 2012

Another hazel leash

A simple but imo very elegant leash made in hazel leather with stainless steel trigger hook. 5/8" wide and 150 cm long.

That's all.

Black leather reins

Matching reins for the bridle I published a few days ago: black leather, (stainless steel) buckle billets and 5 leather notches stitched on the hand part, for granting a better grip even when reins get wet, by rain or sweat.

April 5, 2012

Two ears bridle, in black and red

My latest "effort": two-ears bridle with black and red rope ear loops, flash noseband with red padding and red contrast thread used for sewing it and buckle bit billets.
Full size, black Sedgwick leather, neoprene padding lined with italian kip, in red, stainless steel buckles.
Should I be sincere? First time I buckled this one up, still in my workshop, I was really skeptical about rope ear loops. But I had to change idea once I put it on the horse: they look better than expected!
I'm still working on its matching reins, I'll post them as soon I get them ready.