September 30, 2014

Black notched reins

Here's a pair of black notched reins, with buckle billets and solid brass buckles with stainless steel tongue. Full size, 3/4" wide.

A rifle sling

This is a rifle sling made in dark havana leather with stainless steel buckles. It measures 1" at its widest part, buckles are sized 5/8".

September 15, 2014

Black rolled collar - size Small

Black leather and 1/2" lightweight west end brass buckle for this small rolled dog collar. It measures 11" 7/8 at center hole.

September 8, 2014

Black & Rolled set

Here's a new set, made for a Golden Retriever living in Florida.
Black leather and stainless steel for both items. Here's the collar,  approx. 18" at central hole, 3/4" buckle:

And this is the 40" matching leash:

September 2, 2014

Greyhound set, a new one

Here's a set made on measure for a greyhound composed by a collar, a tag holder and a leash made in black leather with red stitchings and stainless steel hardware.

The collar measures 2" 3/8 (6 cm ) in its widest part and it's lined with leather with neoprene inside.

The tag holder is a thin, fine rolled collar, with a 1/2" (12mm) buckle.

The leash is a classic one measuring 5/8" x 40" (16 mm x 1 m long) with a strong stainless steel hook snap.