October 16, 2017

Laced leather collar

Custom laced leather collar suitable for size M dogs

Laced leather collar made on measure for a size M dog (beagle), in black leather with London tan lacing and lining. 1" stainless steel oval buckle, 5 adjustment holes spaced 3/4".

The inside is fully lined so the back of the lacing is not put in direct contact with the dog's mane. This collar is suitable also for dogs with delicate coat.

Custom laced leather collar handmade in Italy many colors available

I can make the lacing in one of the 8 base colors: black, dark havana, burgundy, conker, hazel, London tan, red and blue. This means 64 possible color combinations. Also, the lacing can be made in several variants, including different symbols (<, >, X, +, /, \, etc.).

Many buckle models available, both in stainless steel and solid brass.

I can make this laced leather collar in size M, L and S only above lengths of 35 cm at middle adjustment hole.

Ready to ship in 5 working days, shipping worldwide with registered mail. You can purchase this collar on my Etsy shop following this link..