February 25, 2013

Maremmana bridle with matching reins

Here's mine interpretation of a classical italian standard, the "maremmana" bridle. It's a typical model from Maremma, southern part of Toscana, where it's still used by the italian counterpart of the cowboys, the Butteri.

Sedgwick leather (dark havana) and solid brass buckles with stainless steel tongue, 5/8" wide browband and throatlatch and 3/4" bit billets, reins and noseband (detachable).

A pic of the left side:
Right side view:
The browband is both padded and raised and has the traditional leather emblem, adorned with a line of stitching.
A detail of bit billets. It has a loop just beneath the buckle, where the noseband is inserted:
...and a back detail of it:

I shot a few studio pics of the matching reins, as I always find quite hard to shoot decent ones while photographing the bridle. 2 meters long and 3/4" wide, there are 3 loos on them: the first two are stitched together with reins, the third one (known as "registro", or regulator) is running on the leather and used to adjust a "work lenght":
The bit billets:

Detail of second stitched loop and the running "registro":

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