September 1, 2011


Or halter-bridle, or haldle, or brilter... or my way to celebrate my return home from holidays, entirely made last week when environmental temp never went below 33 °C in my workshop...
Made for a cob-full sized horse but here's with Ginseng a, a nice cob with thin light head.
Black leather, stainless steel fittings, padded noseband and browband.
I had to find a compromise between toughness and lightness for both uses, as a halter and as a bridle: reins, cheeks, bit billets and noseband are 3/4" wide, throatlatch and browband are 5/8".
Both reins and bit billets have scissors snaps. I haven't shot pics of the reins, but are made in leather with rubber hand grips, with the center buckle matching with the bridle ones.

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