September 13, 2011

How to remove water stains from leather

Last week a girl at the barn asked me how to remove water stains from her saddle.
After some search on my sources this is what I've found. I still haven't tested any of these: try on small hidden portions of leather, let dry and check the result before applying on the whole surface.

1 - more Water!
Wet evenly the whole surface, let it dry away from sun or other heat sources, then recondition with glycerine soap.

2 - Alchool / Acetone
Friction the stain, let it dry and recondition.

3 - Oxalic acid

A product used for polishing marble, in wood treatment and beekeeping. Be careful, it's pretty toxic... but it's known to work well for this purpose.  Dissolve 1-2 table spoon in 1 liter of water, wet evenly the saddle and let it dry. It will slightly lighten leather color but will not damage it.

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