September 7, 2017

Braided leather bracelet

4 turns Braided leather bracelet

Here is a 4 turns braided leather bracelet, made starting from a 3/4" wide leather strip and my usual stainless steel Chicago screw clasp.
Clasp detail for 4 turns braided leather bracelet

It's made with a so-called "trick braid" and both ends are closed, like shown by this picture:
Clasp detail for handmade custom braided leather bracelet

This method allows to make the bracelet using a single strip. This reduces the thickness of both ends, making the bracelet more flexible thus wearable.

The leather I used is vegetable tanned shoulder 2,5 mm thick. This, combined with the braided structure, also makes the bracelet very pliable.

The bracelet is made on measure. I can make it in these leather colors: black, dark havana and London tan.

You can find more information about purchasing this bracelet following this link.

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