April 17, 2017

Toy Poodle Leather Collar and Matching Rolled Leather Leash

This is a set I have made for a Toy Poodle, featuring a leather collar with red accents and its matching rolled leather leash (1 m long), both made in hazel leather with solid brass fittings.

Here's the collar, with thin red leather accent running all around its border. 12 mm wide, solid brass roller buckle, additional removable loop:

Toy poodle leather collar with red border 12 mm wide with solid brass buckle

Custom leather collar with red accents and brass fittings made for a toy poodle
While this is the thin rolled leash, 1 m long, with lightweight solid brass snap-hook:

Hand stitched rolled leather dog leash in brown leather with brass snap-hook suitable for small size dogs
Entirely handmade on measure and hand stitched, as usual.

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