July 10, 2013

Dark havana bridle with Flash noseband

My latest work and last one for this summer, a Hunter-size (or XL Full) bridle with raised browband and noseband, Flash-type noseband. Here it's displayed on my horse, a reason more to be proud of it!

It shows some features I've never used on bridles...
...starting from browband, raised and showing a green accent but not padded as I used to do when a color accent was needed.
Crownpiece is different, too. Apart being padded with dark havana leather, I've punched two holes for allowing the noseband strap to pass on the outside, not directly on the poll.

Actually browbands for this bridle are two: one with green accent and one with blue accent. Here's a detail of the Flash noseband and bit billets.

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