January 24, 2013

A special bitless - 2

A brand-new improved version of this one, this time in dark havana / stainless steel combination.

I changed the chin strap, bringing stitchings that join this strap to reins on the outside of the main rings: this allows a better & faster action when reins are pulled.

I also removed the halter ring from chin strap.
And, quite rare, I didn't forget to put my maker stamp on the headpiece:


  1. This is a really nice bitless bridle, looks beautiful! :) Wish I could buy bridles like this here in Finland.

    Does the headpiece stay in place when you pull on the reins without a browband?

    1. Thank you!

      This is a custom work I made for guys at Horse Paradise stable (http://www.horseparadise.it/horseparadise/Blog/Voci/2013/3/19_Gli_Arabi.html).

      Being a fixed model (no adjustment buckles on it), it's meant to be used on a single horse.

      It's an original design and they're still fine tuning it, I simply made a few stitched versions starting from their homebrew riveted prototype, which didn't included browband as well.

      You can contact them if you want more details about the design and its use, or drop me an email if you're interested to have one, I already have a couple of customers from your country!

      Again, thank you for your interest!