July 9, 2012

Bridle-halter with mosquero, arab horse size

 A smaller version of this one, same colors and stainless steel hardware. But not the same hardware: I still haven't found stainless steel halter squares smaller than 3/4", so I used spiked rings in place of those, the same ones used in drop nosebands. They work great in this case.
 This one has not been made starting from exact measures, so I had to grant more adjustability in order to avoid fitting issues. To obtain this, I made conway bit billets: they can be adjusted at least at 4 different lengths. Adding these to 7 holes on each side for noseband cheeks and 7 holes on noseband girth, I think it will be suitable for any horse between big ponies and small cobs, including arab horses. Here's a shot in "halter mode":
 Also in this one, browband has a buckle for opening it and has a leather mosquero stitched between leather and padding. The model for these pics is Quick, a senior member of our pony school:

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