April 23, 2012


Had been my first thought as I got it done: it really looks like the cartoons' "spiked collar".

It has a story too: I've made it for a friend's doggie who lost his own a couple of weeks ago, probably after a bad encounter with some animal "lover". I really hope he'll encounter someone that "loves" him that much very soon... For the new collar my friend asked for spikes, so I used spikes: had these laying in a drawer, never used them before.

Tech specs: 5/8" wide Sedgwick bridle leather, stainless steel fittings, chromed brass spikes, 5 adjustment holes.

Accurate group testing made during the weekend demonstrated that every human female who has seen it has the compulsory need to try it around her neck.. and it fitted nice too! Now it's me having the compulsory need to stitch some human accesory...


  1. ...e io ti confermo che a molti esemplari umani di sesso femminile (me compresa!!), tendono a portarselo al collo e confermo che calza pure bene!

    Se ci aggiungi qualche catenella, sarà ancor più apprezzato!
    Io non esco MAI senza!!

    Su su, che diventi famoso!

  2. Hmmm... interessante suggerimento, ti prendo in parola!

    Appena ho un attimo di tempo mi metto al lavoro! Stay tuned!