February 22, 2011

A better idea - Rolled dog leash

Post's title refers to this one, or my first experiment with a rolled leather leash, ideal sidekick of this collar.
It's made by two leather strips, "length" and "handle", both 3/4". Finished it measures more or less 1 m. Same aniline-like hazel leather I'm using lately, here it looks a little darker as it has been oiled a few hours before taking pictures (actually also stitches are still a little waxed, but I wanted to shoot and publish this one asap!). It uses a solid brass, square eyed trigger snap hook. A detail of how I connected "handle" to "length" this time: 
Sooner or later I'll make also the single strip model, but I think this one will always looks better than that. Hook snap side:
Practice makes perfect. Or at least improves results!

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